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Friday, May 17, 2013

Why do I still use Facebook?

Back then in 2009, some friends suggested I create a Facebook account. Well, I insisted and they too insisted and, finally, I got myself one without fully well knowing what the h Facebook is and how it works. 

Time passed and I learned and grew somehow addicted to the used-by-millions networking site. I mean, for example, when, at night, all of your friends are there, writing statuses and chatting; tempted enough! 

As times fling more, though my interest in Facebook decreases, I still use the damn site, which is more popular among Cambodians, especially luxury-lead teens, than any other keep-in-touch-and-sharing site. Guess what? Facebook, after four year using it, can be both destructive and beneficial and I get to the bottom of that sh**. Yet, alas, there are still some reasons to cling to the site.  

Firstly, I want to keep in touch with my friends and relatives. Just to be sure, I just don't want to miss a thing shared by friends and relatives. That said, I want to be well informed and know what are these people are up to. Well, to say the least, what complaints are they coming up in life, which girls or boys are they dating, etc. Just after all, you may say, I just don't want to miss which friends and relatives are to get married. 

Next, I want to get informed and updated by current news. By going through the feeds daily, I happen to eye many pieces of news that are widely shared from various people and pages. That way, I don't have to spend my times on specific news website to wait for the news. On the feeds and within clicks, I'm there, at the news site, reading the news. Besides there are also good-punch opportunities, events and information being shared on facebook. I guess knowing those information and news won't hurt me so bad. 

Thirdly I still login for some fun and inspirations. There are actually good-shit pages that share and post funny and laughter-stitching pictures and statuses and pictures on facebook. Plus, there are also good words being shared, which can somehow lift my soul up when I feel like not normal. 

Lastly, well, just to learn new things. There are actually friends who share good ideas and sublime lifestyles that are expressed via photos and statuses. Trust me, in a way or two, I learn from that. 

In conclusion, though I'm brought aware of the destructive sides of using facebook I still use the site for reason such as staying in touch with people I know and blood, keeping myself updated with current news, events, and opportunities, finding some fun and motivations and learning and experiencing new things in life. After all, I know full well why I still need to facebook. And to all people: wisely use the site, huh. 

PS: find me. 

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  1. FYI: You're trapped there - the Facebookistan! lol

  2. And I keep using it becoz my daily school schedule is updated there..... lol

  3. has ha, because your crush is there and you want to know e.thg he does...

    has ha, good excuse, anyway. :p