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Monday, April 29, 2013

Keep Calm and Get to Know Me: 51 Things

I don't know if you ever doubt who (the f)  runs this blog. A blogger, the answer punches. And, who's the blogger, pumpkin? the question squeezes on. All I can tell is: keep calm and get to know me. Long ways to go, heh. :D

Well, whew, well, whew. Keep calm; you're gluing your eyes on my blog so I'm the blogger, with no doubts. But, really, who am I? I should have hosted the "About Me" page.

So, I am Js, a fellow human beings from Cambodia. Tell us more, kid! I say: keep calm, people. LOL. My name, yet, again is Js Park (You see? You interrupt my introduction!). Js Park is my nickname; a Cambodian doesn't simply got named such by their parents. I am from Cambodia, a nation of wonders, awesomeness and calm sublime-ness. I've got a good-dime childhood, which I enjoyed. Plus, well, the random things about I will be depicted below.

51, huh? No complaint, please. I even think of jumping to 99; that would be too much, though. Keep calm and get to know me, heh. 

And, to my friends who know me, you can skip the above you-may-call-sissy talks and enjoy the below Aww!-I-don't-know-Js's-this things. So, get set? I'm ready to show you the factfile.

  1.  I enjoy and prefer a simple ordinary life, to an extent that modernization is just merely a WANT. 
  2. I love my family more than you can ever tell. 
  3. I talk to myself a lot and enjoy the talk even if the talk is seen to be so "Edgar Allan Poe".
  4. I believe I can learn anything, to a serious manner. Example, I know nothing about blogging and don't do IT things and well we're now on this blog, reading and writing. 
  5. I don't like the idea of showing off; I prefer being low-profiled.  Modesty is in my dictionary, by nature. 
  6. I like freedom, for my sake. Try to play and suppress me and I'll die at your sight. lol :p
  7. I strongly believe that there is ALWAYS reason(s) behind anything. 
  8. I love reading and writing but sometimes don't take time to do them well. 
  9. I like taking and dealing things with my own ways, which people call weird.  
  10. I listen to Khmer music/songs even if they're not so "original". And to critic, start genuinely support, please. 
  11. I don't feel at ease, talking with dumb people, people who are dumb in behaviors and actions. 
  12. I love watching movies but don't go to cinema. At home, with my laptops and the net, I watch movies more conveniently, comfortably and benefittingly. 
  13. I, sometimes, tend to challenge the widely-saids. For example, nothing is impossible, they said; now, can one really make a male beings pregnant, naturally and literally? This's just an example. 
  14. I run this blog. Dumb truth!
  15. I don't usually go hang out at the swanky restaurants and coffeeplace. I have reasons not to, you know. At home, better. 
  16. I'm more "economist". 
  17. I like reading Nicholas Spark's novel, but don't read too many. I watch his-novel-based movies, instead. 
  18. I don't usually watch much Khmer movies not because I don't support Khmer movies but because I don't get enough benefits and advantages from watching them. Though, there are some good movies that I really enjoy. 
  19. Has ha, let me laugh first. I can afford an iphone/ipad, but I don't have one now. Not yet convinced by the crowds to get one. :D
  20. I read online quite a lot.
  21. I have many interests such as: photography, philosophies, movies-watching, book-reading, travel, economics, accounting, sporting, technology, IT, writing, and more. 
  22. I had a good-shit childhood and I wanna travel back to the nostalgic past. 
  23. I was born in Phnom Penh and it sucks, you know, during several Khmer traditional events such as Khmer New Year and Pchum Ben Days when, mostly, I stay at home. 
  24. I procrastinate to a good extent though I know it's not so good for my life. Well, I'm trying to be more disciplined. 
  25. I like to have my own ways but I'm not a spoiled child. 
  26. I like and believe in creativities and possibilities. 
  27. I like trolling, especially the unfair unethical things and headstrong dumb people. 
  28. I prefer things to be in my possession even if I'm not using them at the moment. That's not because I'm immorally greedy yet because, I hunch, I will use them one day in the future. And, I wrote: things, not human. 
  29. I'm meticulous, not sissy, in work and life. 
  30. I like philosophies but I'm not white-eared. 
  31. I'm being in love. lol. (Risk, believing this, folks), and I, too, get disappointed. :D
  32. I'm in my twenties nowadays. 
  33. I love travel and photography, yet so far haven't done something great to show that I am. 
  34. I study, teach, translate and write (and of course eat and breath) at the current phase of my life. 
  35. I dream of becoming a worldwide-known writer and still am dreaming. lol 
  36. I talk and tease a lot with commoners while I tend to be "weirdly" silent among strangers and newers. 
  37. I love Cambodia, my kingdom of wonders, and, despite all the toxicizations, still believe this sublime country will go on glorifying. 
  38. I'm getting tired, finding things to add up here, in this blogpost. Seriously!
  39. I would trade anything for my beloved people. Be mine and you'll see. :p
  40. I'm a gratitude-lead beings. Help me and I'll remember (and ignore me and I'll remember too). lol
  41. I like music a whole lot and listen to many kinds. As long the music sound cool to my mind and ears, that's it. 
  42. I listen to One Direction's, Justin Beirber's and Taylor Swift's songs and like some of them, yet I feel that these people are overrated. 
  43. At some nights, I think of how I gonna spend my remaining life. 
  44. I like gaming but don't do much of it. Trust me or not, I don't know how to DOTA or to AK. 
  45. I used to hurt a beloved person. Sorry!
  46. Mum and dad love me and I love them too! Plus, my adorable siblings. 
  47. I think too much. Sometimes, the things that are not even related to me. 
  48. I have a caring and big family whom I all dearingly love. 
  49. I can drink but I know my limits. 
  50. I like partying but prefer indoor self-made responsible one.
  51. I'm more of a 'writing' person than a 'speaking' one.  

Shall I go more? Hmm, there are more things about me and I. Yet, I don't want to bother you, my darling readers, with all these somehow boring piecefacts of me. Lastly, though, I hope you, after this, get a better and lighter glimpse of who I am and what I do and how I deal with things. LOL, honestly, I myself can't re-tell the above 51 things about me again; I have to read that, back, too. 

Okay, now you can stop being calm and express out the air. Hes he, :p. See you at another post, babe folks. :D

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  1. My jaw dropped when I read the title! Seriously, 51? that's it? lol

    Allow me to say, u're good at NOT making those 51 things too head-scratching to read! Well done, indeed.

    U like photography - that's another high-five! ;) and procrastination too? Hello soul-mate! haha kidding!

    BTW, thanks for sharing. I hope ur boss wasn't around when u blogged & did this all-about-yourself talk! :D
    Good day fella!

  2. Firstly, I apologize that I made you drop your jaw; I hope you pick it up and it didn't go dirty. Sorry for that :D

    LOL, I even want to jump to 99, not just 51. Hes he, your encouragement level must be 10. Do you take psychology? Thank for the compliment, which is really good to be heard.

    Yeah, now, finally, we meet, soulmate. has ha. Sweet. :D

    LOL. Well, I make sure that I'm alone when blogging. hes he. :p

    You too, nice day. Drop by more maybe. :)

    1. Lol. Don't apologize. Having my jaw dropped is good. It woke me up while I was at work catching flies. haha
      BTW, I did take psychology class. Twice! :D *tips: don't let me getting in your head!* ;)

  3. LOL, perhaps. :D


    Hmm, and you keep gearing in; how can I not? LOL :D :p I shall be cautious, I guess.