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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Cheers...

Disclaimer: You can just ignore this post which is personal. Not for you; anyway you may want to have a read. This, though, is specially written with a purpose. So here it starts:

Life is so precious but also weird sometimes; it depends on one's thought and perspective about it. Feeling bad, feeling awesome, and feeling nothing. Still a life for a living. Yet, trust me, you gonna wow, at some stage. 

The college phase, for example, when you meet many good-headed friends who bring you good memories. The graduation ceremony that......Boom! Awesome. 

Presumably, life can bring you good people, good ones that make you "can't help but admit you are blessed to have the chance to know them". Your beloved family; parents who are the awesomest, brothers and sisters who are your first-ever related friends, you friend friends and your worth-having relatives. Bang!  

So, in many ways, we should be grateful to have them in our life; yours and mind, respectively, well. And, there are many and various different ways you can show your being grateful. Take your parents to an edutainment resorts; give them back love and care when they are growing old, take your siblings to a movie on the weekends, etc. 

Well, celebrating a birthday, too. So, here this post arrives. 

This post, actually, is for someone whose birthday I know is today. So, Happy birthday! And, all the best for you! Smile as always! :) 

So, cheer! Happy Birthday to you, once again. Happy Birthday!  

Happy Birthday! All the best to you :)

Cool, right? Here is another one: .....May all your dreams come true!

The word "All the best" shows well enough but let's just be more precise. So, here comes some wishes for you. 

Happy Birthday to you! Hope you will be blessed with all the good merited things. 

Happy Birthday to you! I wish you happiness in your family and life. 
Happy Birthday to you! Success comes right in!
Happy Birthday to you! May you be blessed with fun and joy in the world. 
Happy Birthday to you! I wish you everything blessing in the world: wealth, health, fun, joy, success, beauty, smiles, prosperity, and all the good things. 
Happy Birthday to you! All buddha blessings for you: longevity, wealth, health, and strength. 

Finally, Happy Birthday to you! Too many "Happy Birthday to you"s here, but again, happy birthday to you. 

          The Chocolate stars! Smile :)

May your life shine like the stars at night and be sweet like chocolate! Shine even in the dark times and be sweet no matter what! 


      Birthday Cheer....:)

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