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Sunday, March 16, 2014

9 Melodious Songs to Chill Out on Sunday

I have been away for a while from this little forlorn meek blog and if you have been suspecting where I have been and whom I have been dating, busy-ness has been filling the spot. 

Honestly, I have been staring at the blank page and thinking of what to write. A short story, came the first thought. Some more ideas just keep flickering inside my head. The ideas flooded and, to a level, bored, I almost logged out. 

I then finalized a topic for this post. Let's just silentivate all the thoughts, get the earplugs and shut the world off. 9 songs below should be enough. 

1. Love Me Again by John Newman

I, uh, have no ideas who the artist is; I was on a site, browsed for some music, saw his album, and finally decided to get it with just several free annoying clicks. Later, I played the music and this guy is cool. And, I am right. This album of his, Tribute, is a contemporary hit. Seriously, I damn love the starting lines of this song, which took my focused attention, like, 5 times to grab the word-by-word lyrics. 

[Know I've done wrong, left your heart torn. Is that what devils do? Took you so low, where only fools go; I shook the angel in you.....I need to know now, know now.....]

Nice move, John. And, I sing along during the chorus. 

2. Bong Jes Tae Twist (I Can Only Dance Twist) by Nop Bayyareth 

I have to admit I love this song a whole lot. The music would set my soul free and relaxing. Well, seriously, I have this song tracking along while doing exercise, which feels awesomely good. A legacy from the past, this song is still a good hit. Imagine the song is played at a wedding reception and your friends and you are moving around along with the music. 

That's why. Nice song, case closed! 

3. Ror-dov Pleang Tlak' (Rainy Season) by legendary Keo Sarath

While listing to this, my ideas whirled with imaginations. Keo Sarath, a legendary Khmer singer, had already left, yet his legacy is still lively vivid, and this one, needless to say, is still stunning. The music and the lyric carry the magic and would transpose my emotion. 

The lyric conjures up living animating typical views and lifestyle of Cambodian countryside living. Plus, a word-by-word nostalgic short memorial love story of the singer. This should be real music, music that soothe one's soul, express vivid actions via words and depicts and bring life into close-eye pictures in one's head. Love this one, not because it is only soothing but also nostalgically inspiring. 

4. Timber by Pitbull and Ke$ha

I don't usually listen to Pitbull's music but when I do, I think he deserve my appreciation. First, with the music, which is very carefree and relaxing. I just like this one more when I watch its MV, which is ways cooler. Well, I play this song and dance along for some exercising and, guess what?, I shake, with fun, and my mum "duh"s at the movement and music. Honestly, I like how the lyrics curve along with the waving tune. 

5. Kour Tae Brab Oy Bong Deng (Should've Let Me Know) by Preab Sovath

The fact is no matter how shining and "hits" other Cambodian stars are becoming, Preab Sovath is still leading the A-list artists. There is no brainy use to doubt his popularity. And, without silhouette of doubts, he is my favorite singer in town. And, this song of his, though old, is still cool. As far as I remember, this one was a hit during my high school days or something.

6. Chet Slott Aw't Sneh (Innocent Mind, No Love) by Sok Raksa

Sok Raksa is a cool guitarist and singer in town and I like his songs and voice a whole lot. I have been his supporter regardless of the production he has contracted with. And, for this song of his? It's damn cool. I sing along everything it plays on my playlist. Is it true that innocent-minded guys are no cool, thus staying forever alone? Somehow, the truth holds some trueness. Example? The writer himself (if you know whom I refer to)! 

7. Sa-art Ey Sa-art Yang Nis (Wow, Why So D-beautiful!) By Khan James

Not many flowing comments for this nice funny songs. I really how they joyously dance and flirt in the song. James then was a leading Rock Production singer and his songs traveled almost top of the hit songs. Guess, he was so much supported by local folks for his serenading, curving voices, skillful performance, and styles that stun. 

8. Crush by David Archuleta 

No comments for this one. Feel the music and relax (and better, if you could relate). Plus, maybe thinking of your crush when watching (and humming) along this song. Epic! 

9. Hip Song By Rain(Bi) 

To be honest, if even you don't like Kpop or no matter how much you devalue Kpop, you can't just hate this talented, hard-working whose stories inspires most parts of the world. I'm not writing this because I'm so into Kpop (I listen to all kinds of songs, yeah). If you really don't care, well, I suggest you play this song and dance along. It's really fun to me. Happiness is dancing and singing along Hip song

Thank you for the reading and have a nice life and days ahead. Opps, I forget a thing. You, readers, are awesome. Yeah, you! I mean you. 

Again, life is tough, stressful, full of sorry and hard times. Well, guess, music on, headphone plucks, and the world should be temporarily shut immobile. 

Plus, maybe your life is so precious and worth writing about. Write your own songs maybe. 

This is Js, writing to inspire. See you at the next post, dear readers. 

Picture: edited by me

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