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Saturday, February 1, 2014

How I Spent The First Morning of February

It was Saturday, 5 a.m, and as I was waken up by the alarming tune to just be reminded that a new day had just started and that it was, once again, time to wake up and live, I didn't feel like getting up. Not at all. My eyes wouldn't open under the influence of the lazing it-is-weekend mood. With sublime rivaling efforts, I managed to pick up my body, pitifully, and get out of the bed. As I hauled out of the net-covered wooden thing, the normality of feeling of the start of a new day was howling besides and, though still sleepily enthused, I took the chance, economically, to just surge in pure nature of the almost-gone dawn. 

That was exactly 5: 05 am of the first day of February, the so-called month of love and Champion League. Also, it is one of the Chinese New Year days and people are expected to go on holidays. Well, Facebook is not lying (if you know what I mean).

Well, likewise, I had thought of doing various things the previous night. Yet, the very first thing I did, upon struggling opening my eyes, was turning on my laptop and did some online readings. I clicked my eyes through some sites along with some music. The dawn was getting afloat far away in a collage of my mind. Well, yeah, I too was on Facebook, checking stuffs. Not until the light splayed its thickening appearance did I descend downstairs doing things I had in-head planned. 

Most part of the plan is to stay inside, doing and enjoying various things. And, though the plan doesn't seem to smooth, it's worth a post here. 

The first thing I did, this morning, was to lose myself in some exercise. Lately, I have been excluding exercising from my routines and there is this again-and-again internal driving reiterating voice to engage in some exercise. There, I felt intangible heaviness in my body, especially around the intestine. As I tried to push hard, I felt the throbbing quest telling me to stop; something like: it's enough. As I pushed on with thin determination, a voice whispered: health should be taken care of and you should keep pushing. Duh, Tired like a horse after a race. The good stuff was I sweat, though not a lot, and the feeling essence that I convinced myself to push harder to survive those battling hard twist of the muscles while doing the damn exercise. 

Then, I sat, my back kissing the wall, heavily exhaling like a frustrated pig. The sweat dropped and there was this feeling of ease inside my body. 

After the soaking sweat dried, I hopped for a bath. Then, it was time for the breakfast. Sadly, it's boiled instant noodle. Not bad! At least I had something to eat. What, yet, was so awesome to me was this unlimited iced coffee-milk. Well, personally honestly, that is what I like about typical Saturdays of my life. Who needs to go to cafĂ©, huh? 

As breakfast was done, I went to see my little cousins and spend some time with them. No comments on this as I want to save for the next post. It was roughly 9 a.m and the sun was still happily shining and it was time for a movie. 

The movie lasted for almost 2 hours and despite that I enjoyed it, it's just a movie, an awesome movie with something embedded to learn. Cool movie, I told my inner self. This is the movie that I was watching. Cool movie and a movie that carries along the true will and courage to let go of the dramatic past and go on living a fresher and meaningful-er life. 

As I finished watching this awesome movie, I did some washing. Tik-tok, tik-tok and it was already noon and it's time for lunch, after which was time for online life. 

Then, seriously, it's time for some real works which is followed by this piece of writing. 

Cheer for February 2014! And, keep living and dreaming. 

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