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Saturday, January 11, 2014

41 Random Uneasy Bad-feel Situations in Life

1. Watching him/her walking away and doubting while you're still in the game. 

2. In any competition, facing the truth that you are rejected for the others are better than you. (Yet, awesome only when you can tell yourself: let's forget and move one and work harder.) 

3. Seeing your you-still-love one posting sweet couple photos on Facebook or Instagram. 

4. Wanting to do some certain things but you cannot just because your ego say no. 

5. Having too much work to do in very limited time. 

6. Being unable to speak your thoughts out. 

7. Knowing that your best friends cheating on you. 

8. Finding out you're no longer matter in someone's life who you still think about. 

9. You're far away and physically impossible and your parent(s) is now ailing sick. 

10. Seeing others better than you and they are looking down on you. 

11. People judging you, using their won yardsticks and not even bothering to remember that each person is uniquely gifted. 

12. Walking in a group in which you don't feel any belonging sense. 

13. When your stomach moans and you still have to sit in class. 

14. Seeing your close friends checking in or posting happy photos on Facebook and you are not even informed of the get-together. 

15. "Seen but no reply" message on Facebook. 

16. Not having enough time for your family. 

17.  Not being able to go home for a family lunch on a Saturday. That really sucks. 

18. Not telling her/him you're into him/her and years later finding out that s/he was into you too. Assumption kills, really. 

19. Losing a loved one. 

20. Your teacher punishing you and not the others for the same mistakes you both did. 

21. Going out, eating like a pro and realizing you forget your wallet at home. Meh! 

22. Not being able to express your thoughts. 

23. Feeling emotionally in a framed blunders and realizing there is not even one person to share your feeling. 

24. People doubting and judging you without knowing about you. Let's them do so, though. 

25. Having a throbbing sticky catarrh in your throat and you cannot even sleep at night. 

26. You're the one failing the exam among your friends. 

27. Three months of doubts and hard time when you're still unemployed even if you have been actively seeking for jobs. Rejections and mediocrity sucks. 

28. Your special one coming and asking for a kind, easy-let-go and we-won't-work-out break-up. 

29. Being broke and hungry at the same time. 

30. Not doing what you have firmly believe and stated. Stuck, and, duh, stop talking and  start doing. 

31. Coming back from school, hearing your parent fighting restlessly. 

32. "You're a just a friend. Keep your heart for your angel/prince."

33.  Crying alone at night. 

34. Realizing your innocent actions have put people in hazard.  

35. A member of family is ailing sick and you can't even help. 

36. Not knowing what and why you're really this stressful. 

37. Flying solo at a party where people are hands in hands with their couples. 

38. Seeing people flourish and grow with lots of achievement and you're still stuck here, doing shits. 

39. No internet connections at all. That really sucks!

40. People offended you public on things that you don't even want to talk about and things you have decided to let go. 

41. Getting stuck in darkness and don't even know where to turn. 

Yet your belief really matter. So, do remember:
  • You're in control of your life. If you don't like something just change it. 
  • Your life and others' aren't even the same so better not focusing on comparing. Your life is precious and just live it to the best. 
  • Bad times, not bad life. 
  • Dark times are just a test; to survive you have to try
  • Have some fun along the way in your life. 
  • Family and friends are weightier than your work. 
  • It's all about your belief; if you believe you can do it, you will be able to do it.
  • Work hard and have fun. 
  • People judge you and that defines them, not you. 
  • Actions speak louder than words, so shut up more maybe. 
  • Ignore more these: people's thoughts on you, negative people, stress, and things that make you unhappy. 
  • You're a genius! 
  • Love and spend more times with your family. 
  • Say what you feel, especially to the one you think you love. It's better to tell and know and to get pieced than to hide and feel remorseful later.
  • It's all about your life; you live it; other are just by-passers.  

Finally, let's take a moment to recharge your power and inspiration and get back up. You're precious, you know. 

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