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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What Actually Happened to Me in 2013

Life ain't easy at all. Yet, we shall not ignore the fact that it keeps moving forward with or without our agreement. It is really tough to learn that people around are all good and on the right track to prosperity while you are just here playing frivolous. That moment is exact and it is when you compare, brutally, yourself to them and bad feelings are just on the verge right in your head.

For the past whole year, friends keep asking me what I have been up to. I gave them answer which they all find suspiciously lying. Now, tell me what feeling would you be holding when you are telling the truth and people find you a liar just because they have learnt that you've been joking around. Well, clowns too have hard times! 

Looking back into my life, which is a usual thing I do, I somehow pity myself. I just do! It's not because I haven't done anything at all but what I have accomplished is just nothing compared to those of others. I know I shouldn't be feeling that. Well, yeah, I'm mastering that ignoring skills. 

The good news is good things too happen. For example, last night, the last day of 2013, I actually had a wonderful blast before 2014 stroke in. I joined a party with some friends and it was fun. Yet, that just won't prove much of how my 2013 has been. 

The question is what happened to me in 2013? Now, the following would offer some answers and, I hope, after reading, my friends would know what I have been up to for all the time we haven't met. Pretty sure, I know I should be somehow proud of myself and keep working harder to improve myself. 

1- I got a job, a teaching position

To recall, it was really tough and you couldn't forgot it when you have been seeking for jobs but don't get any. I could still remember all those self late-night talks. "Am I not good enough?" "Just keep up hoping, man" "Time will come, man!" 

Well, time finally come (came). It was October last year and I was looking for jobs after my education. The then job as a freelance translator didn't seem to secure me. What was worse, I went through two months, jobless. During that, one might not have ideas what I did for a living. That was: you name the feeling, people. But time came and after oftentimes not losing hope I earned a job, a teaching position at a local NGO where underprivileged BacII graduates are chosen and provided with training that could earn them a decent future living. 

I'm glad I could have this kind of job, job which allows me to share my knowledge with people and somehow educating (transfer knowledge) them. And, there I meet good people too.  

2- I also take some freelancing works. 

Besides the teaching position, I was also lucky enough to be picked for a freelance post of translating and writing stories. That is good news, right? Yeah, it is. I love writing and I can do some writing in my job too. Ain't that awesome? The fact is this freelance-ship has taught me things, improved my writing and translation skills, and allowed me to meet new people and to visit many nice places across the city and learn about their backgrounds. Not only have I learnt and worked but I also pick up the inspirations from each person I met and talk to. I'm happy I get to do these things though the returns are not so high. 

3- I resume this blog

To be honest, we shouldn't be here if I had not decided to gather all my guts and re-gear this blog. I started this blog back in 2010, if my brain still works functionally well. I paused for a while yet once, some time in 2013, I visited the blog and it was so baldly awkward. Coupled with the fact that I still love to write after my college, I put away all the peripheral reiterating bullshiting excuses in my head and work out to maintain this blog its walk, whose appearances now, though, doesn't seem professional. But here we are people. As long as the writing gene in me is still breathing, this blog shall go on. It's fun to have a blog where you can lay your thoughts to the world.  

4- I almost fall in love

Awkward moment, right? Now how many of you believe this? What if I'm just joking, as I have always been? The choice is yours! 

5- I start to read more

This year should be a describing one that I'm doing lots of reading. What inspires me to read is that that I want to know more things and that it sucks to not know things. So, I decided to read. Books, yet, have not been the casual materials as, I don't have much time to read books. What I read include: blogs, news, online articles, reports, some chapters of some books, magazine, and people too. And, I cannot say I'm now an all-subject encyclopedian, but it feels jubilant when you know various things. 

6- I have watched many movies 

I'm not joking with this, this time. That is really what happen (occur) to me in 2013: I have watched lots of movies, especially American ones. Recently, I googled for movies to watch and the result shown exacted that I have watched most of them. Watching movies is fun and educational, of course. This is the list of some movies I have watched and they are good. 

7- I keep learning and studying

Like I mentioned earlier, I have read and watched movie because getting to know things and expanding my knowledge feels awesomely superb. But, those are just informal learning. Besides I continue my study, both online and in person. 

8 - I've gained weight and was sick for several times. 

If you see me, you'll crave in, with surprise doubts, why I am getting this big. That is my concern too. I wonder myself too. I don't eat out much and don't lose myself with drinking but where are all these weight coming from? The food I eat, probably. Besides, I was also visited by sickness several times. Once, I couldn't talk; my throat were filled up with sticky catarrh and I had to see the doctor. And, even now, while writing this, a slight pile of throbbing catarrh is still sheltering inside. 

What about 2014? 

So, I guess that is it: what has happened to me in 2013. Now, since it is the first day of 2014, I must also be rushing and keep working hard for there are more challenges to face. Plus, there are more things I have to do as I feel I cannot just be selfish to improve myself; that is, helping some people too. 

My resolutions and goals for 2014? I might have some (many actually) but let's not talk about them. Let me prove myself and I know I have wasted enough time and being mediocre sucks. I will have just to do something more and live my life as happy as I want myself to be. And, probably I will have to seriously finish some books. 

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Happy New Year and rock your year out. Keep working harder-smarter! Keep calm and enjoy your life. Time is ticking; let's run and rock! 

And, finally, don't look back; 2013 is not coming back and you're not going that way back either.

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