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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Life As I'm Facing And Hearing It

Taylor "not-so" Swift: I don't know about you but I'm feeling twenty-two and everything will be alright. 

Me: I don't know about you either and I'm twenty-more-than-that but everything aren't alright. Prettily, life is f-up manily here and everything is at its own best in boisterous mess.

John Wade, a famed film producer, said: Life is hard. It is even harder if you're stupid. 

Acclaimed author Jodi Picoult: Hold on strong and endure hard; life is one hard difficult test; you'll pass the test if you keep on clinging. 

Legendary Mark Twain: If all my words don’t seem to motivate you, 21-century adult, maybe you should try “marriage”, which would, for one brave turn, end all these hard-time adulty mess-up. Plus, your parents are doubting too!

My crush―if any: I’m sorry to hear about this hard time. I agree with Uncle Mark Twain. That's right; it's me right there and here for the whole time. I think about you, secretly, days and nights, which, when the factual reality hits me gently in face, crushes my heart crucifyingly―you never know how brutally retaliating that is. Sometimes, you know, I noon-fantasize that you and I are holding hand, walking together, fighting despite all the hardships cursed upon us two. You know, my love―I’m sorry if you’re mad at me addressing you so―we could do this, right? Give us a chance? I don’t want to move on, me-ly, with you as a good learning lesson. I'm just wishing the love which, by any miraculous chances, you may share could take my breath away just as when I was fantasizing about you and I being intimately in love. You know, for the current time, I’ll always be there for you, and, dearingly, I’m insanely in crush on you.  

Famous author Robert Kiyosaki: Marriage sounds good but according to your described situation you're simply taking up a huge liability here. It's one's own choice to be poor, middle-class, and rich. Watch what you let into your head. Stay focus. Engage and invest in your most valuable asset: mind and time. You choose, reader! 

Respected best-selling author Tina Seeling: At least you have reached half of the book and you know you've learn something from those chapters. Why bother complaining about your life now? Finish the book and have the courage to re-design your life, with some insightful ideas from the book, if it may help. Do finish the book, reader! It has been, like, months.

Acclaimed mentor-also-teacher Brian Tracy: You need a set of disciplines, seriously committed one, to help you. There are people out there willing to help you if you do ask. Life is good, after all!

Someone anonymous: That’s right; this idiot too has his bad days. You deserve it, bozo!

Another secret care-r out there: Life is ups and downs. You, and only you, have the sole official and workable power to make yourself happy. Worrying won’t paint things afresh. I guess you shall let this bad moment flush, like those shits you dispose of into the toilet tub, and maybe capture another mesmerizing moment. Life, as you once told me, is precious. Enjoy the now!

The inside conscience: You do want to read Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, right? Okay, I got it! What’s wrong with you, huh? You keep wanting things and seem not to sacrifice your times, sweat, efforts on those things? For one more chance, find some times to read and finish the book, which has inspired millions of people around the world. It too will change your life. And―reminder―don’t just read it, practice and live the principles elaborately and intriguingly presented.  It’s high time you wake up, man! Remember, idiocy is repeating doing the same things and expecting a different results. You’ve got to do something rather than ruefully dramatizing here about how hard your life has been. Reading the bestseller, in such case, I presumably guesstimate, would be a wise move.

Random people who had made a choice: I’m not supposed to push in here, but, well, there is a reason you’re still weak.

The internet: There are more to pamper yourself in; we are ready to usher you in. Keep calm and feel the effects.

Much-admired actor Syvester Stallone: I don’t even know you here, first of all. Thank you though, secondly, for being a faithful fan. Thirdly―and perhaps finally―I’m not sure if I’m wasting my times or comments here. But, do have faith in yourself. Everyone, in life, is having their dark sides and trembling through hard times dealing with something. Sometimes, life is like that you either live with that or let it go. Maybe, you should, like me and everyone else, turn this into something worthwhile. Life is not easy and never is. If you may notice, plots from some of my movies does account to―and depict life-fully―something I’ve been through in my life. When life give you lemon, either make a sure face or make lemonade and makes some bucks from it. Remember, when problems hit you, don’t sleep or die with it; soften those problems and take charge. That’s it!

Books―silently talking: Keep calm and read us! Lose yourself―not literally, though―in the pages. Who know, after reading, maybe you can come back clean and afresh again!

Teachers: What? You now is not like what we’ve known of you. You’re an awesome student. If we may admit, you are always of those respectful and hardworking and positive students. Those knowledge we meticulously share and articulate don’t seem to help you? You’re always the one we find packed with good qualities of human. We hope to see you be in form again, student.

Novel authors: We know you have a dream, just as us back then. A reality doesn’t land overnight. It takes many things. Passion. Courage. Commitment. Disciplines. Perseverance. Flexibility, sometimes. And other stuffs. We suggest you re-scrutinize your own self and question your inner soul this: what is that you really want? Once you figure out that, held your head high and bravely lose yourself in it until you win. We’ve been there, man! Collectively, we thank you for reading us respectively. It’s a good sign you want to learn from us, which we are happily thrilled, as writers, to find out. We, as authors, don’t want to just reach you and other people; we hope, by our works, that people not only have something to entertain, humbly, their cognitive soul but also locate, or find―whatever suitable word you wanna put here―the inspiration to twist the remote and take charge of their living and enjoy their lives by working hard to reach their dreams. Again, a dream won’t fly if you stay still. Sadder than that, mostly, people choose not to make wings for their dreams even if they have the chances. They tend to listen more to all the negative rants, in which they bombard themselves, in their head.  Make this happen: make people who criticize you and laugh at your dreams later ahha at your achievement.

Someone really special―a relative: Overthinking won’t help, heh! It’s you for now. Do me a favor, please: stop that fretting over things and live the present life of yours. You realize you’re always awesome in my eyes despite all the bad things. Have and live a good life, son!  

Me, again: Okay, I have good times perusing through all the priceless convey-a-meaning comments. To my crush―if any, again―thanks for the nice comment about me but it’s, sort of, genuinely exaggerating, and, truth be made up, I’m swimming in sea of blandishments while reading your words. I’m not that good for you. You have a good life, okay! I’ll be good despite this dark jiffy. To all, you all are great to me. Thanks for these nice thought-provoking words although some dance out with harsh moves and meaning. At least I get to know I’m not alone facing and fighting life difficulties. Yeah, right, never succumb to those challenges. After all, it is now a new day―yeah―to start anew. For one last thing, I feel so cheerily blessed to have learn something from all you despite the fact that some of you don’t even know and care I exist―or cease giving a damn and move on. I’ll keep living well, reading, and “whatever”ing things that are improving my life. I’ll promise that. Actually, things couldn’t be this worse! It all starts with Taylor Swift and her lyrics. I’m feeling grand for one more time. Thanks, all! My respect and gratitude!

And, finally LIFE barges in: Why take me so serious, huh? This is just a test! Many, like you, have sit for the test. Statistics announce some pass while some are badly flunking this test. For first DNA scan and personality check, you are likely to be counted in the former category. It’s all yours! We’re just doing our part, and you shall fulfill your part too. We’re good, lovely and precious. Don’t be harsh on us! 

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