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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Ding-ding Experience to Remember

I was on a two-day trip to Kompong Som, Sihanouk Ville, with some classmate in early July. The memories still live in my head. The breezy and clear-sky morning was so understandingly inviting. On the bus, we enjoyed chatting, the comedic videos and the views along the road; especially the natural farm, mountain. What a eye-consoling view. The bus reached the land of memorizing sea at around 12 in the midday. The roaring tuk-tuk that made us burst out uproarious teenager laughter and cheer took us to the GBT Guesthouse. Oh, my! There, the sea, the tides, the waves and the breeze! After lunch we hopped and played wildly on O-chher Teal Beach with many photo-shots. The damp drizzle started to pour and we continued the play in the sea, getting hit and dragged with big waves that seemed merciless. We were enjoying convivially the play. “Here, it comes again, my friends.” cautioned Chanrun, my mate.

The rain, then, slowed. People were still flocking the beach. Three mates have gone far, exploring the other side of the beach; another two friends left for dinner preparation. I was there resting on the beach, playing with the sand and waited for the sun to came up. And, it did! From behind the mountain that could be seen on the other side of the sea, the sun was flaunting, sending out its magnificent shine which, when sat on the sea, flashed out a great view. I went grabbed my camera at the nearby store we had hired and took some picture of the view. My three mates, having half-explored the beach on one side, returned and asked me to join them for the other side, and, well, I did. I succeeded half way and I quitted, for something—I was struck by reflection of something. I realized that was not what I want to do; it didn’t make me happy and I was feeling uncomfortable, doing it. Then, I came to know of this: do something that you real-want to do and have fun. Quit something, you realize, you don't really like and, perhaps, make you uncomfortable, doing it. Moreover, while walking on the beach, I noticed every step I made was wiped away by the moving waves and every time I look down at it, I knew I had to step forward and move on and by not trying prevent the on-the-sand steps from being wiped away from by the waves. So, here comes the second thing: keep moving on; don't look back; you can’t prevent it from happening. Just have fun with it and move on.

After dinner that night, we spent the night out at a street pub and had fun with the chitchat, photo-taking, some games and cocktails. The next morning, despite the rain, we were managed to hit the morning with our little exploration on the Serendipidity Beach where we were enjoying taking photos, with styles, under the rain-turn-drizzle weather. As the morning grew more awake, we went for Lom-hae Kay Beach and had lots of fun there; we wow-ed at the breathtaking views there which came in as background of the photos we shot. 

We turned to the local market, had lunch there and left for Phnom Penh. That was really a memorable experience with my classmates. Now, I do wish we could have such good times together again. 

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