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Monday, June 6, 2011

Life Has Never Been Easy

It was a pitch dark evening, at around 7 o’clock, the hour of Monday, May 30, 2011, when I was writing this article. It seemed then that something had been in occurrence, something strange that chilled in me some uneasiness and something that I myself couldn’t wholly understand and describe. With such uneasy emotion, I oiled my hands and brain to pen down these words, just to coax that uneasiness to go away.

Still being a university student, I attended class as normal. But, there was something different that dawned on me, whispering that: life was twisting once again (not something about my life; honestly, after several readings—you guess how several is several then?—on self-development subjects via books, blogged article, quotes, I tend to know how life works on me, thus helping me to not, sometimes, be dragged down by these so-called life setbacks). My people (my friends and family members, I mean) looked damn strangely tired and sad. The reason, as I emoted, was because they had to deal with those abundant burdensome school/work tasks, or so I felt. I didn’t know whether those were true or it was just a trick my emotion was playing with me. Yet, I did feel and see those with my own humble emotion and knowing eyes.

At class, I learned that almost half number of my classmates had not arrived though my teacher was about to start his lecture. Those having arrived seemed to look tired with afternoon drowsiness on their face, thus not noticing my arrival. I-am-feeling-weirdly-tired-today expressions on each face and meek, even half-closed, eyes of some of them indirectly sent to my head a message that something was twisting in them and that their respective life was experiencing another saddened event. Unfamiliar strangeness was all that was dominating my feeling at that time. Several mates, with a seem, looked depressed and it looked as if they were trying to get cheered up back by music they were playing in their iPad/iPod. Several other some blew up heavy sleepiness in their face. Too, I seemed to learn via their countenance that they were too reluctant to be their normal selves. I myself, seeing so, was somehow not whole. Or else, I didn’t know—I wasn’t sure.

Arriving house in the evening at around nearly six o’clock, coincidently unlucky, I had some more alike situations to be seen and learned. My younger sister was now sick; her tear-strain face and meekness on her face put in my eye this statement: I’m being sick, brother. Help me chase this uneasiness away (And imagine she having told me so, what could I help besides trying to cheer her up with a cartoon on my laptop or besides some brotherly words?). My maternal grandparents, like every day, were tired. (Why?, you ask. If I were to tell, then I would not be writing this to explain all of you. Sorry, anyway!) My aunt, who is my mother’s younger sister, arrived home from her work and seemed to lack her normal profound and love-showing interest in her son, my lovely cousin, because of tiredness again, I bet. She looked weary, with paleness in several spots on her face. More clearly, she came over with her cute, but unsmiling-faced son, on her arm to my mum and told—it took her some good 2 minutes to bid out this information—,“I’m kind of ‘lvery’ today.” Even her son expressed his grateful sadness (by this you may say I’m too observative. How comes a 7-month-old baby expressed his sadness? Well, just like I said, I didn’t know either). He looked strangely sad today. I doubt if he had smiled or child-laughed today. And more, which were too much to be depicted. I myself was almost becoming tired and sad too, trying to word this article.

You guess why I write this article. Honestly, I just only write it; maybe I feel like wanting to write it, either to take time to practice my writing skill or to release stress (Learning such sadness with my eyes and plus with my twisting emotion due to abundance of school-stuffs, I was kind of down then, yet not much that I could cope, candidly). And, just afore-written, something unidentified urged me to write it. Though, I’m not writing this aimlessly for I should consume the time used in writing this to finish another two chapters of Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth or another insightful chapter of Michael Beer’s Joy of Winning.

Simply, I write this mainly to tell that those people, those who are feeling sadly tired, are related to me. They are not that alone in times of trouble/setbacks/misery—at least, there am still I who think of them although I don’t usually let my feeling be known by them. Also, this post is to humbly remind anyone who has a life and is living it now that life, yeah life, has never been easy, thus be ready to turn when it twists. It may sound, for this reason, that I’m a life counselor, yet it is not true, friends; I’m just a normal person, and indeed I have experienced life as most of you have—tough, and sweet and down and happy and so on.

And, you also may ask like this: ‘How do we cope with it then?’, ‘Have you done it yourself before advising us, huh?’ and more. Honestly, I think each of us know each of our respective life clearer than others and why (tell me please kindly) ask me such question as ‘How do we cope with it then?’ Simply, if I were to answer this then it would be like this: Identify the problem(s) and seek for best solutions for it (And how do you do that, ask yourself). My answer, too, to the latter question is this simple, “Yeah, I’m doing now; I’m trying to reducing the effects I get impacted by these down feelings by indulging myself in writing this piece of writing.” You guess what I should be sleeping off this uneasy feeling rather than sparing my time to write these words. This humbly vindicates that I’m trying to take over this devastating feeling and to cheer up and smile during times of trouble and sadness.

I should be penning down more words, had I something more to write. By my words in this article, I don’t bid and hold a self-proud claim that I am that great, just like those successful people who know how to smile during hours of problems and how to turn difficulties into opportunities. Just like some—most if you like—of you, I sometimes, though I have always told myself that I have to be happy and smile despite difficulties, don’t know how to get cheered back up. And not knowing what else should be worded here, I just want to drop my final words which flow like this: what we are facing right now is life, and no life, bet me your mobile phone if you don’t believe, has never been easy. Each person, everyone I mean and I believe, has their fears, difficulties and hard-times. And remember: life has never been easy, and are you going to be easy with life then? I don’t know. Opps, I’m getting better uneasiness-free now!

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